Sunday 28 December 2008

Afterglow or Hang-over?

So Christmas has come and gone. All that build up and stress has now given way to a few brief moments of rest and family time. If I am honest, I am enjoying living in the 'afterglow' of Christmas. For me, it seems as in the few days after Christmas I have felt closer to God that the weeks before the 25th. I know that this sounds weird, but it could have lots to do with the preparation of many Christmas services. In ministry, our role is guide people to a place of being ready for the 'moment' of Christ's birth and to feel the effect of it on our lives. In doing so, people in ministry often miss out on the own encounter with the Messiah - sad, but true! Thankfully, Jesus is not only accessible up to the 25 December, but that we can bask in His Peace and Spirit, 365 days in the year. That is what I intend to do this week. By the way, there are many people that feel quite 'hung-over' after Christmas -this is in more ways than one. Prof. E.Ernst from the University of Exeter says that when you are hung-over you body tells you 'I have had enough; don't abuse me anymore!' Wow, that's a interesting comment. Many non-drinking Christians feel 'hung-over' after Christmas for the very reason of pushing their bodies to the limit - all in the name preparing for the 25th. So here is the question - are you living in the afterglow of Christmas or are you feeling 'hung-over?'
Ask God to speak to you, no matter how you are feeling.
Live in His grace,

Monday 22 December 2008

In the End!

In the End! These 3 words could mean a whole lot of different things, but today they speak to me of God pulling through for us "In the End!" We go through difficulties and we worry about the future, but if we wait on the Lord, all things will work out "in the end!" As we reflect on the Biblical accounts of Jesus birth and life, we see that there were moments when things look omninous, but "in the end" God turned the potential danger into something that was remarkable. Think about Mary and Joseph desperately seeking a place to stay in Bethlehem - things looked bleak as they struggled to find accomodation. However, 'in the end' despite giving birth in a stable, Mary and Joseph were able to watch over the arrival of Jesus. Even when Herod tried to destroy Jesus, the family was able to escape to Egypt and 'in the end' all turned out fine. Fast-forward to the Crucifixion - Jesus dies on the cross and many of his disciples think that the story has now finished. However, 'in the end' God has the final say and Jesus is raised from the dead! This is the God we worship at Christmas time. A God who works things out 'in the end!' Believe that he has our best interests at heart. He loves us and he will work out his purposes.
Be Blessed this Christmas.
Living in Grace,

Wednesday 17 December 2008

And He will be their 'PEACE'

I am busy getting some thoughts together for the service on Sunday and have just re-read Micah 5:5 - "And he will be their peace." I am sure that at this time of the year all of us are feeling a little 'flustered', 'tired' and some-what 'worn out!' A lot of our present state has to do with the general demands of Life, whilst we are also guilty of adding to our own mess. I know that saying 'NO' is not as easy as it should be! Anyway, before Jesus was born, Micah prophesied that He would be their peace. What is noticeable, for me, is that Micah doesn't use the words, 'he will bring us peace', but rather points out that JESUS WILL BE OUR PEACE. Could this imply that when we embrace Christ, we say hello to an endless supply of PEACE? This PEACE is not altering or dependent on circumstances, but is just there - as constant as Jesus is in our lives! So here's the worrying thing for me - when I don't feel 'at peace', what has happened to Jesus? Is it true that He has not gone anywhere, but that I have simply taken my eyes off Him and am trying to go it alone? Mmmh, makes me think that my lack of peace (at times) has more to do with my choices than it has to do with God withdrawing his PEACE. Jesus wouldn't withdraw himself from me (and therefore His Peace), but I may choose to go 'SOLO' and then Christ patiently waits for me to come to my senses. What do you think?
Live in His GRACE & PEACE.

Friday 12 December 2008

Rest Needed!

We have just come back from a few days away and it was great to have a 'break' from ministry - I am sure that some of you know what I mean. It was good to feel normal again and to be on the beach 'incognito'. What has really surprised me is how tired I was (and still am) - just generally tired! Coming back from leave is also a huge crash-land back into reality! There is still so much 'stuff' needing to be sorted out. Sorry, this is not meant to be a 'feel sorry for me' post, but it has got me thinking about Jesus and how people demanded his time 24/7. He knew how to find the space and time to pray, to reflect, to recharge his batteries. However, there were times when he went away and left the disciples to take care of the ministry, but they weren't able to handle it. Remember how they couldn't heal the one child properly and the father was getting upset and he told Jesus that they weren't able to help him? This makes me think about how often when ministers go on leave, we entrust things to good people, but sometimes the 'congregation' complains that it isn't "the minister", therefore it isn't good enough. I wish Jesus had told some of the demanding crowds to "Get a Life!" - cos then it would give us an excuse to point out that verse to any person who complains about ministers being on leave.
Boy, am I in a grumpy mood today!? Please excuse me - i guess, today is one of those days that I am battling to 'live in grace.'
Be Blessed, D3LM3

Thursday 4 December 2008


Well today I am another year older (and wiser I hope!)When you get to my age one doesn't stress too much about the hype and excitement of birthday gifts, but it is fantastic to be wished by family and friends. I do love birthdays and birthday cake! In exactly 3 weeks time, the Christian Church will mark the birth of Jesus Christ. We know that the 25th December is not exactly the day Jesus was born, but the real issue lies in that He entered our world with the purpose of redeeming us. I know that for my family, we will focus on the true meaning of Christ's birth - I am sure that you will do the same. As for my birthday, well, I plan to reflect on the year that has been and the year that looms ahead. I will ask the Lord to keep me focussed on pursuing His purpose for my life and not in being distracted by my own desires. Just as Jesus was born with a Godly Purpose and Mission, we all need to embrace the fact that we were born with a unique purpose and mandate. May you discover your destiny. In the meantime, Live in Grace,
Be Blessed,

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Who stole my Church?

Just busy reading a great book, by Gordon MacDonald, entitled "Who stole my Church?" It deals with the issues of change that congregations go through and how often people who have been members of a church for a long time, feel that the younger generation literally steal the church from underneath them. It raises many interesting questions - a must read for any church going through issues of transition and change. Just a comment about the whole issue of Churches embracing change - I want to point out that the 'Church' is not ours to begin with. It is God's Church - we are His bride. Often we become so possessive about 'my' church and we go all out to defend our viewpoint or our ideas, that we forget what is important for God and His Church. Most of what we argue about in Church is not really about Kingdom matters - in my humble opinion. Yes, I can speak passionately about what music should be sung and which instruments we should use (or not use) and whether we must also pray in a particular way or sing after the offering, of whether we can't have Church in the Hall (because it doesn't feel like a Church) etc. However, is this truly about the Kingdom of God and seeing the lost and broken finding Jesus? I think not! Church can easily become my little 'castle' and you dare not mess with my Kingdom. Oh Lord, forgive us for making an idol of the Church and everything in it. Let me worship you in Spirit and in Truth.
Living in Grace,

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Catch and Release!

Just read a great devotion speaking about trout fishing. I can't claim to be the best fisherman in the world, but I do enjoy the occasional cast into a river or dam. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if I don't catch anything (which is often)- it is just the chance to get outdoors and be in the presence of God, undisturbed by other stuff! When one catches a fish, there is great excitement at the fight and then landing the huge 5 kg monster (in my dreams). Once that moment has passed there is the satisfaction of releasing my catch back into the water, hopefully so that they can bite another day. Sadly, there are many people who are 'taken captive' (2 Tim 2:26) by the hollow lies of the devil and struggle to get 'released' from his ugly paws. The devil's intention is never to 'catch and release', but only to 'steal, kill and destroy' (John 10:10). Praise God that Jesus promised to give us 'life in all it's fullness.' He has cancelled the power and grip of sin. We can live to breathe another day, thanks to the cross and the glory of the resurrection. Wow, now that is such a powerful motivation to live daily in HIS GRACE.
Be Blessed,

Monday 24 November 2008

True Colours

So are you willing to nail your colours to the Mast? In times of war, ships would lower their flags if they were willing to submit to their enemies. If they weren't willing to surrender, many of them 'nailed their countries flag' to their masts, declaring that their allegiance belonged to their Country. In other words, in the face of death, they showed their true colours by remaining loyal to their nation. How well do we do this, when it comes to taking a stand for Jesus? In the face of trouble, persecution, danger or ridicule, are we ready to 'Nail our colours to the Mast' and stand for the Lord. I want to show my 'true colours' for Jesus. I don't want to be a 'white-washed tomb' (Matthew 23:27), as Jesus puts it - someone who pretends to be spiritual and holy, but who is sadly not loyal to the King. Will you join me in revealing your true colours. Let's live in Grace.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Is God trying to tell me something?

Ok, so you know that sometimes God is pretty silent (or at least that's how it seems)? Other times, He speaks so loudly, that any person would be able to sense that He was talking to them. Well, He has been trying to get a message through to me over the last few days and it all links up with David and Goliath. I preached on the text from 1 Samuel 17 last Sunday; it was used in the Children's ministry session also (without me knowing); yesterday I attended my father-in-law's induction service and the preacher used the same text; today I have looked at my devotion and guess what scripture passage has come up? Yep, David and Goliath. So Lord, I am listening! What is it you want me to hear? 4 times in 4 days, the same text - WOW, even I am not that stupid to block my ears. Maybe it has something to do with a verse in 1 Samuel 16:7 - "The Lord doesn't see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Maybe, it has to do with the 'Giants' that lie before me? Speak to me, Lord! In the meantime, I will just put one foot in front of the next and Live in your Grace.

Monday 17 November 2008

Rest - oh, yes please!

"On the 7th day God continued to work and work, until he was so exhausted that he burnt out and had to be hospitalised. In the end the Angels had to take over his responsibilities." - Genesis 2:1. Does it really say this? Of course not! So, if God deemed it necessary to take time out, then why don't we? Genesis 2:1 actually says, " on the 7th day he rested from all his work!" That is the way we ought to live our lives - the Sabbath principle is crucial for our well-being. We need to let our 'souls catch up with our bodies.' If you hadn't gathered, I am working on my day off and I am feeling tired. It is hard, because we are involved with a funeral of someone who means a lot to us, but one still feels tired after working for '6 days.' God knew what he was doing when he created the Sabbath - I just pray that I can honour it properly and therefore glorify Him. May you live in Grace and in the strength of the Almighty God! Oh, and by the way, I am taking Wednesday as my Sabbath....Amen to that!
Living in Grace,

Friday 14 November 2008

Mission Successful!

Thanks to all involved with the successful launch of 'Living Oceans Apart' last night. The whole evening went so well - I had such a great time, being with family and friends, celebrating what God has done. For the record there were almost 300 people there and everyone seemed to have a blast. Our prayer is that the book would now get out into the community and start blessing people. Have a great weekend and live in HIS Grace.
Dream Big dreams for Jesus!

Thursday 13 November 2008

Book Launch - Today!

Well, the time has finally come and we are literally 4 hours away from the Celebration. Wow, I can't believe it - God you are awesome. The last couple of days have been hectic and we have had a few tricky moments, but the Launch Team has been awesome and we are nearly ready. Father, I just want to give you the Glory you deserve. This book has it's origins in the promptings of your Spirit and the ache in my heart. May all who read the book come to an uderstanding of grace, hope and encouragement. May all praise and honour be directed to my Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be part of this adventure Lord.
I seek to 'Live in your Grace' daily - an honour I know I scantly deserve, but thanks for the gift.
Living in Grace,

Sunday 9 November 2008

The Greatness of God

So when last were you blown away by the Greatness of God? In Jesus' day it seemed a daily occurence for people to be left 'wide-mouthed' in awe at something that Jesus said or did. Luke 9:43 - "And they were amazed at the greatness of God!" Sometimes I feel that we have become numbed into thinking that Jesus only showed up in the Biblical times - how wrong is that? He is awesome - He is great - He is eternal. Napoleon once commented that 'Greatness be nothing unless it be lasting.' How true you are Mr. Bonapart. Our Saviour is Great not only because of everything he has done for us, but because he is "from everlasting to everlasting." Just for kicks, read Psalm 77:13-15 and note a few of the things our Great God has done - God, you are really awesome! So here is our challenge - let's become like little kids again and appreciate the wonder and amazement of Jesus Christ. Be Blessed and don't forget to LIVE IN GRACE.

Thursday 6 November 2008

7 days and counting!

Yes, it is true. We have 7 days until the launch of 'Living Oceans Apart.' I can't believe we have got within a week of the launch. God you have taken us on this incredible adventure. We look forward to what you are going to do with this humble book. As we step out in faith, our fears threaten to make us pull back our feet, but there is this extreme impulse that drives us forward. We want to see people changed through the power of your Holy Spirit. We want to see lives healed and restored through your grace. God you are the 'God of miracles' - thank you for including us frail, human beings in your great works.
We long to be in your presence.
Let's live in Grace.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Leader of all leaders!

So today is the day the America public vote for their new president. Admittedly I have my own thoughts on politics, but what is amazing is how much time, energy and money people spend in order to win the support of humans. What if we spend the same resources on getting people to follow the example and character of Jesus Christ - wouldn't that be more worthwhile? I know it sounds very idealistic, but we are allowed to dream, aren't we? My devotion this morning reminded me that I need to choose my leaders carefully. We all follow people, whether we care to admit it or not - in fact, everyday we end up making up a choice who we will follow during that day. Most often we follow ourselves or someone else. However, as Joshua said: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)This is my commitment for today - I choose to follow Jesus Christ. I will wake up tomorrow and make the same choice - and the next day! Choose today whom you will serve!
Don't forget to Live in His Grace.

Sunday 2 November 2008

I Wonder

Just finished reading a great article by Mark Batterson, which is an excerpt from his book, 'Wild Goose Chase.' He speaks about the Holy Spirit and how we often try and tame GOD, thinking that we know best how to control Him. One of his quotes goes like this: "I wonder if Churches do to people what Zoos do to animals?" - this is in the context of taming our natural instincts. Sometimes we are like this in the Church. We try to tame and control ourselves, just in case we offend people or we are misunderstood. However, when we live for Jesus, there can be half measures. We need to dream big and abandon it all for the sake of the Gospel.
May you be 'wild' for Jesus this week - don't let the opinions of others tame you into a placid form of discipleship.
Live in Grace - everyday!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Two weeks to Go!

Please pray for the launch of 'LIVING OCEANS APART' - We really believe that God has a wonderful plan for the book and that many people will be encouraged through it. Thanks and God Bless.
Living in Grace,

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Leadership Next!

Christian leader Eddie Gibbs wrote that 'leadership is more often about scars than stars!' What a powerful insight into the cost of leadership. I have just had the privilege of speaking to 100 School leaders at their SCA leadership camp. One of the talks I was asked to do focused on the 'Cross of Leadership' - the idea was that we understand that when Jesus called us to come and follow him, that he insisted that we be willing to 'carry the cross.' Many leaders are more than willing to lead when we have seasons of 'Stars' - the moments of glory and success. However, many of these same leaders bail out when those 'stars' turn to 'scars.' We all know the painful burden of leadership, and I want to suggest that being a true Christ-centred leader involves many scars. May we not be tempted to give up when we face those difficult moments - Christ has called us to 'lead where we are.' As we lead with passion and focus, we set a godly example for the next generation of leaders. May they become men and women who are prepared to count the cost of following Jesus and then leading bravely for Him. Lead Well today my friends! Go in the knowledge of His Grace.
Living in Grace,

Relying on the strength of God

God is my refuge and strength - a very present help in times of trouble. At the time the Psalmist wrote these words I am sure that he had just come out of a very trying experience. Perhaps things had seemed hopeless and 'dark' - yet in the end the Lord came through for him and he ended up acknowledging how awesome God is. I can relate to how he felt - it seems that I have just come out of a similar place. Family illnesses, stresses of ministry, general tiredness and having just given loads in terms of spiritual 'output.' As I reflect on the past week, I want to proclaim that "God is my refuge and strength!" I have only managed to get through these past 7days by his strength and grace. Thanks Lord for keeping your eye on me - in my weakness you have been strong! Have a blessed day. Remember to live in His Grace!

Wednesday 22 October 2008

In His Care

In my devotion this morning I was reminded of a powerful scripture from Deuteronomy 33:12 - "Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders." The image that this verse conjures up is on of a loving parent holding us close to their heart - we are the children of God and according to the Bible we 'rest between his shoulders' -which is by His heart. This is awesome news! When I am feeling tired and weary, I can rely on the grace of our Saviour to hold me close to His heart! Thanks the kind of grace I am talking about!I am weak, but you are strong, Lord.
Thanks Jesus.
Living in Grace,

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Letting Go!

In the early days of my faith there was a poem that did the rounds, which emphasised 'Letting Go and letting God!" The context of the words centred around us getting to a point in our relationship with Jesus where we trusted Him enough with everything and where we were able to let these things "go" into His hands. I have been brought back to this point in my relationship with the Lord this week - but this is mainly in terms of the book. After having worked for a long time on shaping the book, I have now handed it over to the printers - we did this yesterday. I found it to be both an awesome rush, as well as a hard discipline. I literally have had to let go and let God. It is now in the hands of God and the printers. God you lead us on this fantastic adventure of Faith. I look forward to seeing Your results. Remember - "Let GO and let GOD!"
Living in Grace,

Friday 17 October 2008

Living Oceans Apart

I have to admit that the thought of getting Living Oceans Apart published and printed is both extremely exciting and daunting, at the same time. It has taken 18 months to get to this point and I can now feel the adreneline flowing through my veins. God has indeed been in this whole process - He has amazed me at how he has provided many things and has open doors for the book. I realise that being a first time author means I have a long way to grow, but the journey of writing this book has been deeply rewarding. My sincere prayer is that through 'Living Oceans Apart' many lives are touched. I pray that God would bring encouragement, refreshing, healing, understanding, peace and ultimately HOPE to the readers of this book. I offer the thoughts contained in the book to the Lord and may He use it as a 'means of His Grace!'
Roll on the 13th November 2008.
Living in Grace,

Full-Time or Part-Time?

Another thing that hit me whilst attending the Leadership Summit was when someone asked the question: "Are you in Full-Time ministry, but have become a Part-Time Christian?" Oh NO, another hammer blow to my fragile ego. Boy, oh boy, I really have to be careful about placing myself in meetings where the Holy Spirit is going to challenge me. It is far to easy to be in full time ministry and to get caught up in 'running' a church, whilst slowly your faith erodes away. If I am honest, I had started to slide towards mediocrity and complacency - being a Christ follower was comfortable! But, I don't want to be a part time follower of Jesus! I desire to give Him everything. I can't stand lukewarm coffee/tea and when I take a sip of it I certainly want to spit it out my mouth. It is little wonder God wants to do the same with my feeble, cushy, namby-pamby attends to follow Him. Jesus you are radical and I want to be your radical Disciple. Challenge me to ask myself: "Am I Full-Time or Part-Time?" Bring it on God!
Your disciple in training, living in your grace.

Thursday 16 October 2008

Feeling Challenged!

Last Friday and Saturday we went along to the Global Leadership Summit in Durban and yet again I was greatly encouraged and incredibly challenged. There were many awesome 'one-liners' (or 'Axioms' as Bill Hybels calls them) that impacted me. Of the many quotes from the course, the one that is still haunting me comes from Gary Haugen - "In this world of need and suffering, why have I been given so much?" Oh my goodness, I wish he had never said that! He is right, of course, and it was the kind of 'slap upside the head' that I needed. I think I will be living with this thought for a while yet. I just pray that I would be able to honour God with what He has given to me. I am certainly trying to change my perspective and not focusing on what I don't have, but rather on what I do have - I have been dealt the cards, now I need to do something with them. I have to quit worrying about the cards in the hands of others and make sure I make my cards count! Oh Lord, please help me in this.
To my fellow Christ followers, may Christ be near you today.
Living in grace,

Thursday 9 October 2008

Run, Run as fast as you can.

It was the talk 'Dead Leader Running' that really challenged me - especially about ministering out of a place of 'rest.' This week has proven to be exactly that scenario - I have been ministering out of rest, but at the moment I feel totally exhausted. I have burnt the candle at both ends and now I am feeling the sting of flame on flesh. Anyway, it is all for the sake of the Call - besides, I can "sleep when I am dead" (apparently). We are off to a leadership course tomorrow and Saturday, which should be awesome. I look forward to being 'feed' and to connecting with some folk from the church. Maybe, my week of running back and forth will quieten down to a 'sabbath rest' on my day off. Oh boy - I hope so. God, it's only be your grace. D3LM3

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Chicken Pox!

Well, the paw-paw has hit the fan. My whole family is sick - the flu and Chicken Pox has gripped the household. At the moment I am the only one who is free of anything, but I am half expecting to be man down soon. Just reflecting on how easily everyone has been infected with the various viruses, I was wondering how awesome it would be if people received Christ as easily. Can you picture the scene - we walk into the Supermarket/Mall and the Spirit of God in us bursts into the atmosphere and a few days later everyone is converted and praising the Lord! Mmmh, why didn't God make it that easy? Many people refuse to accept Jesus because they can't figure Him out in their minds - they can't get their heads around the Saviour of the world dying on a cross. For me, I have come to accept that I will never figure it all out - I have got to a place of trusting what I feel/know in my heart. Jesus loves me! No one can tell me otherwise!
As I continue to live as a Christ-follower I pray that I may be a "Contagious Christian" (Bill Hybels) - there are millions of people who need to 'catch' the Good News of God's Grace!
Living with Grace in my blood!

Saturday 4 October 2008


I know that the Bible tells us loads of time, "Do not fear!" or "Be strong and courageous!" but these last few days I have been swallowing hard - I have been 'gulping', if you like. It has suddenly dawned on me that the book I have been working on for 18 months is about to go to the printers. That means in 6 weeks time many people are going to be reading my thoughts and making their own quick judgment call on the contents of the book. Whilst the journey of writing a book is awesome and a great adventure, it is also a great responsibility. I now have to trust in the power of God to work through the pages of the book. I firmly believe that the Lord has led me throughout the whole process and He will not bail on me now. Anyway, I will take a few more big 'Gulps' before the end of November and we will stand back and watch how the Lord moves. God you are gr8. The adventure continues.
Living in Grace,

Monday 29 September 2008

Half Time

If you are a sports fan then you will know all about Half Time. No game is won or lost by the time the teams trudge into the break - no one gets any prizes for being ahead at the half time whistle. We all know that any game can turn on its head before the final whistle. How many times have we watched our own teams throw a game by losing the plot just b4 the end. My sincere prayer and hope is that I will continue my Christian journey until Full-Time. That is how I am trying the play the game - I am pacing myself, walking alongside the Lord. Part of that process is taking time out from time to time and that's what I am doing right now. In fact, I am at the half way point in my holiday. I am still feeling pretty tired, but I pray that the Lord will refresh me and give me passion for the remainder of 2008. The Best is yet to Be! If you are interested in ready on the subject of Halftime, read Bob Buford and Gordon Macdonald - they have both written excellent books on this topic.
Stay close to the King!
Living in Grace,

Monday 22 September 2008

Dead Leader Running!

I remember watching a talk entitled 'Dead Leader Running' a while ago (I think it was on one of the Willow Creek Leadership Summits). Anyway, the title of that talk couldn't be more appropriate - That is me, right now - a dead leader running. If I was a motor car, you'd have to push me to the petrol station, cos I am out of gas! Tomorrow's leave can not come fast enough.

The one thing that struck me about the leadership talk was how many of us minister out of places of tiredness. I wonder how much more effective our ministries would be if we genuinely rested and took a sabbath? I know that in my life, the most powerful and focused sermons I have preached, have come out of times of rest. It is in these times that the Lord really restores my soul and speaks new 'words' into my spirit.
Life gets the better of us and before we know it we need to pull over for a while - the rest and recharging is vital for our lives.

As I spend a few days on leave, I pray that my "soul would catch up with my body" and that I would be revitalised for the final months of 2008. They are going to be huge months, filled with many awesome and challenging events. Lord I place myself into your hands.

God Bless. Living in Grace,

Thursday 18 September 2008

What's Important?

This afternoon I have to lead a memorial service for a middle-aged father who ended his life prematurely! Like most ministers/pastors I do not find this kind of thing easy to do. It always brings up so many questions in my own mind. On a slightly positive angle it certainly shakes me up enough to force me look at my own life and to re-evaluate what is important. Kim and the boys certainly get bigger hugs on days like today. Life is a precious gift - it is here today, but can vanish in a breath.
"Over and over again, we lose sight of what is important and what isn't" - Epictetus
Make today count, my friends.
Living in Grace,

How big is my view of God?

I have been preparing for the service on Sunday and I have been reading about a guy called Jehoshaphat. He is an awesome guy - check out 2 Chronicles 20 for an idea of how much he trusted in the Lord. Even though he was facing a huge obstacle, he trusted that God would pull through for him and the people of God. I found this quote which I am using alongside the sermon - it blew me away.
“Lord, I crawled across the barrenness to You with my empty cup. Uncertain, in asking any small drop of refreshment. If only I had known You better, I’d have come running with a bucket.” – Nancy Spiegelberg
Think about that!
Be Blessed,
Living in Grace,

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Back on track

Yes, I know! I have neglected my blog, but I hope that will soon be a thing of the past - I am back on track! This reminds me of my relationship with God - there are days when I seem to lose my way and forget to communicate effectively with Him. I go on my own mission and He patiently waits for me to return to Him. I am just totally awestruck by His grace. Living in the light of His grace is indeed a gift. I certainly don't deserve all the chances Jesus gives me, but I rely on His Grace.
May you have a blessed day.
Living in Grace,