Friday 23 March 2007

Learner Dad

Hi there fellow bloggers. Just starting out on my blogging adventure and have to admit I feel a little intimidated. Posting my thoughts on the internet is almost as scary as having a child.I have two boys and if I can 'live the adventure' with them, then blogging should be a breeze! Anyway, I look forward to linking up with fellow dads and sharing thoughts on raising kids in the 21st century.

I remember going for my driving test, as if it were yesterday (and believe me it was many years ago). Taking the big "L" off the back of my car window was such an awesome feeling. It was as if I was walking ten feet tall. I drove around imagining that everyone was staring at me and commenting on what an awesome driver I was. However, soon my bubble burst and I realised that no one actually cared that I was on the road (well, that excludes my mom, who was probably praying furiously the whole time.) So, what does driving have to do with being a dad? Nothing, really, except that everyday I wake up feeling like I am a "learner dad." I think to myself, "well, I learnt so much yesterday, what will I learn today?" The reality of being a "learner dad" is that I 'm not sure I will ever shake off the big "L" that all new dads wear. I don't know what you think, but I realise that I'm in this life-long-learning experience called 'fatherhood.' Somedays I feel that I've arrived and that I am the world's best dad, but as soon as I reach those dizzy heights I plummit to the pit of reality and realise that I am a real "shocking" dad. What a roller-coaster ride! Anyway, being a dad is still the most awesome blessing in the world and I am willing to plough through the frustrating moments as long as I can continue to experience the privilege of hearing the words "I love you dad!"
Live the moment.