Monday 23 February 2009


How is your Monday going? I've been reading a good book called "Risk" by Kenny Luck - the book is a challenge to trust God with everything that we have got. I came across this quote in the book this morning - "We don't need more Christians, we've got plenty of Christians. We need more Disciples!" (Dr. Tony Evans) On the one hand I don't agree with the notion that we have enough Christians as there are still billions of people who are yet to respond to Jesus Christ as Saviour. However, on the other hand, it would be great if many of the 'Christians' in our congregations actually committed themselves to DISCIPLESHIP. There is of course a mammoth gulf between the two. I want to be known as a Disciple of Jesus - how about you? Committing our lives to discipleship is a huge step, but one that guarentees a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Radical - Revolutionary - Renewed. I am in - are you keen to join me?!
Living it Large, in Grace!

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Perhaps Today?

What do you do when you get a friend dropping by unannounced? Do you frantically try and clean up a few 'stray' things that are lying around the house or do you just take it all in your stride and welcome your guest/friend? Mart De Haan has a sign in his office with 2 simple words on it 'Perhaps Today!' It is a reminder to himself that Today could be the day that Jesus returns and so he needs to be ready. Not only should we be ready for this moment, but I want to live each day as it were my last - making the most of it. "You also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." (Matthew 24:44) As we go about our daily tasks today remember to cover all you do in GRACE.
Live it!

Monday 16 February 2009

Martyr for Jesus

We sometimes hear the word Martyr in our church circles and often it is linked up with people who have been killed for their faith. However, the word actually means 'a witness.' In this sense, we are all called to be Martyrs or 'witnesses' to our faith in Jesus Christ. If, as witnesses, we are challenged with death then we have a choice whether we want to deny or affirm our faith. However, all along we are called to be witnesses of what Christ has done for us. Felicitas, a 2nd Century witness for Christ, was eventually 'Martyrred' (killed) along with her 7 sons when she refused to deny that she was a follower of Jesus. When the Roman prefect tried to threaten her with death, unless she denied Jesus, she said this to him - "(you are wasting your time), while I live, I shall defeat you; and if you kill me, in my death I shall defeat you all the more." Needless to say, he was not that chuffed with her response and he handed her over to Marcus Aurelius. He was a kind old emperor and had all 8 of them killed in various parts of the city.
So, I have been challenged to be a 'martyr' for Jesus today. It probably won't result in my death, but it sure had better cost me something.
Think on this, but always whilst 'Living in Grace.'

Friday 13 February 2009

Don't just be a hero in your Dreams!

Yes, we have all done this, even if you are too embarassed to admit it. We have dreamt of being a hero of some sorts. Either on the sports field, scoring the winning runs, the winning try or goal, or crossing the finishing line first. The crowds are on their feet chanting our names and we feel the glow of victory. Then suddenly we wipe the sleep out of our eyes and the drool from our mouths and realise that our 'moment of victory' has just vanished into the archives of our dreams. So listen to this quote and let's get cracking at making our dreams come alive and asking God to help us make a difference. "Some Christians are heroes in their daydreams only. The characteristic mark of such heroism is imagining ourselves as faithful on great and public occasions and in rarefied atmospheres when others will be impressed. In stark contrast, true faithfulness in Scripture is first exercised in small things and in private. If we fail there, any faithfulness we show in public will be hypocrisy, a performance for the crowd and not an expression of loyalty to our Lord."(Sinclair Ferguson)
Think on this!
Go Live in Grace,

Thursday 12 February 2009

God will direct our steps

Today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, but of course you already knew that!He would be 200 years old! Just before he left his home to become President he spoke about relying on God in his term of office - he said "... Trusting in Him who can go with me, and remain with you, and be everywhere for good, let us confidently hope that all will yet be well." These sentiments link in well with Solomon's words in Proverbs 3:6 - "He shall direct your paths." God certainly led Abe Lincoln and his legacy is legendary. What is also very interesting is that he was born in a one roomed log-cabin and both his parents were uneducated. Abe himself only had 18 months of proper schooling, but he loved to read and ended up being self-educated. Not bad for an eventual President of America (I hope that this is not a forewarning for South Africa, as our next President looks to have come from similar stock!) Anyway, Abe had it tough when he was growing up, but all of these 'trials' seemed to have made him ready for his future roles. Whatever God is birthing in us, remember that if we surrender to Him, He will direct our paths.
Live in Grace,

Thursday 5 February 2009

A different Perspective

We have just spent a few days away in the Berg - Sani Pass to be exact. It was so good just to retreat into the mountains and to take a break. I had reached a stage where I definitely needed to unwind and to take a few deep breaths. So, we got to breathe in the peace of God, as well as climb to the top of Sani Pass. It is an 8km uphill hike from the SA border post to the Lesotho side of the mountain. As you climb nearer the top you realise that it is not just the strain on the legs that gets you, but also the altitude. Anyway, Kim and I made it to the top (2895m) feeling chuffed with ourselves. When one looks back down the pass you are amazed at how different things look - the different perspective is awesome and literally makes you feel on top of the world. Sometimes when we are battling along in our faith, climbing some steep passes and mountains, we can't truly appreciate how things will turn out. However, the Grace of God always blesses us with moments when we can reflect and see how far we have come and how God has stood by our side. The Hike to the Top of Sani Pass brought this home to me, that God has helped me to climb many mountains, and he will continue to 'walk' alongside me as I climb many more.
Be Blessed as you live in His Grace.