Monday, 16 February 2009

Martyr for Jesus

We sometimes hear the word Martyr in our church circles and often it is linked up with people who have been killed for their faith. However, the word actually means 'a witness.' In this sense, we are all called to be Martyrs or 'witnesses' to our faith in Jesus Christ. If, as witnesses, we are challenged with death then we have a choice whether we want to deny or affirm our faith. However, all along we are called to be witnesses of what Christ has done for us. Felicitas, a 2nd Century witness for Christ, was eventually 'Martyrred' (killed) along with her 7 sons when she refused to deny that she was a follower of Jesus. When the Roman prefect tried to threaten her with death, unless she denied Jesus, she said this to him - "(you are wasting your time), while I live, I shall defeat you; and if you kill me, in my death I shall defeat you all the more." Needless to say, he was not that chuffed with her response and he handed her over to Marcus Aurelius. He was a kind old emperor and had all 8 of them killed in various parts of the city.
So, I have been challenged to be a 'martyr' for Jesus today. It probably won't result in my death, but it sure had better cost me something.
Think on this, but always whilst 'Living in Grace.'

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