Thursday, 5 February 2009

A different Perspective

We have just spent a few days away in the Berg - Sani Pass to be exact. It was so good just to retreat into the mountains and to take a break. I had reached a stage where I definitely needed to unwind and to take a few deep breaths. So, we got to breathe in the peace of God, as well as climb to the top of Sani Pass. It is an 8km uphill hike from the SA border post to the Lesotho side of the mountain. As you climb nearer the top you realise that it is not just the strain on the legs that gets you, but also the altitude. Anyway, Kim and I made it to the top (2895m) feeling chuffed with ourselves. When one looks back down the pass you are amazed at how different things look - the different perspective is awesome and literally makes you feel on top of the world. Sometimes when we are battling along in our faith, climbing some steep passes and mountains, we can't truly appreciate how things will turn out. However, the Grace of God always blesses us with moments when we can reflect and see how far we have come and how God has stood by our side. The Hike to the Top of Sani Pass brought this home to me, that God has helped me to climb many mountains, and he will continue to 'walk' alongside me as I climb many more.
Be Blessed as you live in His Grace.

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Tyron Bache said...

Brilliant, I know and love that change in perspective, felt it while hiking up lesley's pass last year. God's always there amen