Friday, 13 February 2009

Don't just be a hero in your Dreams!

Yes, we have all done this, even if you are too embarassed to admit it. We have dreamt of being a hero of some sorts. Either on the sports field, scoring the winning runs, the winning try or goal, or crossing the finishing line first. The crowds are on their feet chanting our names and we feel the glow of victory. Then suddenly we wipe the sleep out of our eyes and the drool from our mouths and realise that our 'moment of victory' has just vanished into the archives of our dreams. So listen to this quote and let's get cracking at making our dreams come alive and asking God to help us make a difference. "Some Christians are heroes in their daydreams only. The characteristic mark of such heroism is imagining ourselves as faithful on great and public occasions and in rarefied atmospheres when others will be impressed. In stark contrast, true faithfulness in Scripture is first exercised in small things and in private. If we fail there, any faithfulness we show in public will be hypocrisy, a performance for the crowd and not an expression of loyalty to our Lord."(Sinclair Ferguson)
Think on this!
Go Live in Grace,

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