Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Relying on the strength of God

God is my refuge and strength - a very present help in times of trouble. At the time the Psalmist wrote these words I am sure that he had just come out of a very trying experience. Perhaps things had seemed hopeless and 'dark' - yet in the end the Lord came through for him and he ended up acknowledging how awesome God is. I can relate to how he felt - it seems that I have just come out of a similar place. Family illnesses, stresses of ministry, general tiredness and having just given loads in terms of spiritual 'output.' As I reflect on the past week, I want to proclaim that "God is my refuge and strength!" I have only managed to get through these past 7days by his strength and grace. Thanks Lord for keeping your eye on me - in my weakness you have been strong! Have a blessed day. Remember to live in His Grace!

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