Thursday, 9 October 2008

Run, Run as fast as you can.

It was the talk 'Dead Leader Running' that really challenged me - especially about ministering out of a place of 'rest.' This week has proven to be exactly that scenario - I have been ministering out of rest, but at the moment I feel totally exhausted. I have burnt the candle at both ends and now I am feeling the sting of flame on flesh. Anyway, it is all for the sake of the Call - besides, I can "sleep when I am dead" (apparently). We are off to a leadership course tomorrow and Saturday, which should be awesome. I look forward to being 'feed' and to connecting with some folk from the church. Maybe, my week of running back and forth will quieten down to a 'sabbath rest' on my day off. Oh boy - I hope so. God, it's only be your grace. D3LM3

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