Thursday, 16 October 2008

Feeling Challenged!

Last Friday and Saturday we went along to the Global Leadership Summit in Durban and yet again I was greatly encouraged and incredibly challenged. There were many awesome 'one-liners' (or 'Axioms' as Bill Hybels calls them) that impacted me. Of the many quotes from the course, the one that is still haunting me comes from Gary Haugen - "In this world of need and suffering, why have I been given so much?" Oh my goodness, I wish he had never said that! He is right, of course, and it was the kind of 'slap upside the head' that I needed. I think I will be living with this thought for a while yet. I just pray that I would be able to honour God with what He has given to me. I am certainly trying to change my perspective and not focusing on what I don't have, but rather on what I do have - I have been dealt the cards, now I need to do something with them. I have to quit worrying about the cards in the hands of others and make sure I make my cards count! Oh Lord, please help me in this.
To my fellow Christ followers, may Christ be near you today.
Living in grace,

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