Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Chicken Pox!

Well, the paw-paw has hit the fan. My whole family is sick - the flu and Chicken Pox has gripped the household. At the moment I am the only one who is free of anything, but I am half expecting to be man down soon. Just reflecting on how easily everyone has been infected with the various viruses, I was wondering how awesome it would be if people received Christ as easily. Can you picture the scene - we walk into the Supermarket/Mall and the Spirit of God in us bursts into the atmosphere and a few days later everyone is converted and praising the Lord! Mmmh, why didn't God make it that easy? Many people refuse to accept Jesus because they can't figure Him out in their minds - they can't get their heads around the Saviour of the world dying on a cross. For me, I have come to accept that I will never figure it all out - I have got to a place of trusting what I feel/know in my heart. Jesus loves me! No one can tell me otherwise!
As I continue to live as a Christ-follower I pray that I may be a "Contagious Christian" (Bill Hybels) - there are millions of people who need to 'catch' the Good News of God's Grace!
Living with Grace in my blood!

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