Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Letting Go!

In the early days of my faith there was a poem that did the rounds, which emphasised 'Letting Go and letting God!" The context of the words centred around us getting to a point in our relationship with Jesus where we trusted Him enough with everything and where we were able to let these things "go" into His hands. I have been brought back to this point in my relationship with the Lord this week - but this is mainly in terms of the book. After having worked for a long time on shaping the book, I have now handed it over to the printers - we did this yesterday. I found it to be both an awesome rush, as well as a hard discipline. I literally have had to let go and let God. It is now in the hands of God and the printers. God you lead us on this fantastic adventure of Faith. I look forward to seeing Your results. Remember - "Let GO and let GOD!"
Living in Grace,

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Tyron Bache said...

i feel this topic has been discussed alot at our church lately, and i've found it to be a personal battle as well. i've found that i'm holding onto things sub-consciously at times and its a battle.. but why when i know that when i let go i can be assured it will be carried by God do i still grab it with both hands.. i also believe that i am at a stage in my life when i am testing just how much i can carry, it can be risky when if everything breaks i get knocked down and covered by the weight of it all. this analogy has been a constant in my life and i believe it will still be here in my years to come but Something in me just has to know how much i can or can't take. thanks for the thoughts D, Rock on!