Saturday, 4 October 2008


I know that the Bible tells us loads of time, "Do not fear!" or "Be strong and courageous!" but these last few days I have been swallowing hard - I have been 'gulping', if you like. It has suddenly dawned on me that the book I have been working on for 18 months is about to go to the printers. That means in 6 weeks time many people are going to be reading my thoughts and making their own quick judgment call on the contents of the book. Whilst the journey of writing a book is awesome and a great adventure, it is also a great responsibility. I now have to trust in the power of God to work through the pages of the book. I firmly believe that the Lord has led me throughout the whole process and He will not bail on me now. Anyway, I will take a few more big 'Gulps' before the end of November and we will stand back and watch how the Lord moves. God you are gr8. The adventure continues.
Living in Grace,

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