Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Leadership Next!

Christian leader Eddie Gibbs wrote that 'leadership is more often about scars than stars!' What a powerful insight into the cost of leadership. I have just had the privilege of speaking to 100 School leaders at their SCA leadership camp. One of the talks I was asked to do focused on the 'Cross of Leadership' - the idea was that we understand that when Jesus called us to come and follow him, that he insisted that we be willing to 'carry the cross.' Many leaders are more than willing to lead when we have seasons of 'Stars' - the moments of glory and success. However, many of these same leaders bail out when those 'stars' turn to 'scars.' We all know the painful burden of leadership, and I want to suggest that being a true Christ-centred leader involves many scars. May we not be tempted to give up when we face those difficult moments - Christ has called us to 'lead where we are.' As we lead with passion and focus, we set a godly example for the next generation of leaders. May they become men and women who are prepared to count the cost of following Jesus and then leading bravely for Him. Lead Well today my friends! Go in the knowledge of His Grace.
Living in Grace,

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Anonymous said...


After our conversation today, this post has inspired me to forget my fears, grab hold of my cross, and serve our Lord and Saviour.

We often give up when the going gets tough but if we just persevere, like a long distance athlete, we will get to the end!!
In this race the reward is kinda awesome.

God Bless