Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Who stole my Church?

Just busy reading a great book, by Gordon MacDonald, entitled "Who stole my Church?" It deals with the issues of change that congregations go through and how often people who have been members of a church for a long time, feel that the younger generation literally steal the church from underneath them. It raises many interesting questions - a must read for any church going through issues of transition and change. Just a comment about the whole issue of Churches embracing change - I want to point out that the 'Church' is not ours to begin with. It is God's Church - we are His bride. Often we become so possessive about 'my' church and we go all out to defend our viewpoint or our ideas, that we forget what is important for God and His Church. Most of what we argue about in Church is not really about Kingdom matters - in my humble opinion. Yes, I can speak passionately about what music should be sung and which instruments we should use (or not use) and whether we must also pray in a particular way or sing after the offering, of whether we can't have Church in the Hall (because it doesn't feel like a Church) etc. However, is this truly about the Kingdom of God and seeing the lost and broken finding Jesus? I think not! Church can easily become my little 'castle' and you dare not mess with my Kingdom. Oh Lord, forgive us for making an idol of the Church and everything in it. Let me worship you in Spirit and in Truth.
Living in Grace,

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