Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And He will be their 'PEACE'

I am busy getting some thoughts together for the service on Sunday and have just re-read Micah 5:5 - "And he will be their peace." I am sure that at this time of the year all of us are feeling a little 'flustered', 'tired' and some-what 'worn out!' A lot of our present state has to do with the general demands of Life, whilst we are also guilty of adding to our own mess. I know that saying 'NO' is not as easy as it should be! Anyway, before Jesus was born, Micah prophesied that He would be their peace. What is noticeable, for me, is that Micah doesn't use the words, 'he will bring us peace', but rather points out that JESUS WILL BE OUR PEACE. Could this imply that when we embrace Christ, we say hello to an endless supply of PEACE? This PEACE is not altering or dependent on circumstances, but is just there - as constant as Jesus is in our lives! So here's the worrying thing for me - when I don't feel 'at peace', what has happened to Jesus? Is it true that He has not gone anywhere, but that I have simply taken my eyes off Him and am trying to go it alone? Mmmh, makes me think that my lack of peace (at times) has more to do with my choices than it has to do with God withdrawing his PEACE. Jesus wouldn't withdraw himself from me (and therefore His Peace), but I may choose to go 'SOLO' and then Christ patiently waits for me to come to my senses. What do you think?
Live in His GRACE & PEACE.

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