Friday, 12 December 2008

Rest Needed!

We have just come back from a few days away and it was great to have a 'break' from ministry - I am sure that some of you know what I mean. It was good to feel normal again and to be on the beach 'incognito'. What has really surprised me is how tired I was (and still am) - just generally tired! Coming back from leave is also a huge crash-land back into reality! There is still so much 'stuff' needing to be sorted out. Sorry, this is not meant to be a 'feel sorry for me' post, but it has got me thinking about Jesus and how people demanded his time 24/7. He knew how to find the space and time to pray, to reflect, to recharge his batteries. However, there were times when he went away and left the disciples to take care of the ministry, but they weren't able to handle it. Remember how they couldn't heal the one child properly and the father was getting upset and he told Jesus that they weren't able to help him? This makes me think about how often when ministers go on leave, we entrust things to good people, but sometimes the 'congregation' complains that it isn't "the minister", therefore it isn't good enough. I wish Jesus had told some of the demanding crowds to "Get a Life!" - cos then it would give us an excuse to point out that verse to any person who complains about ministers being on leave.
Boy, am I in a grumpy mood today!? Please excuse me - i guess, today is one of those days that I am battling to 'live in grace.'
Be Blessed, D3LM3

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