Monday, 22 December 2008

In the End!

In the End! These 3 words could mean a whole lot of different things, but today they speak to me of God pulling through for us "In the End!" We go through difficulties and we worry about the future, but if we wait on the Lord, all things will work out "in the end!" As we reflect on the Biblical accounts of Jesus birth and life, we see that there were moments when things look omninous, but "in the end" God turned the potential danger into something that was remarkable. Think about Mary and Joseph desperately seeking a place to stay in Bethlehem - things looked bleak as they struggled to find accomodation. However, 'in the end' despite giving birth in a stable, Mary and Joseph were able to watch over the arrival of Jesus. Even when Herod tried to destroy Jesus, the family was able to escape to Egypt and 'in the end' all turned out fine. Fast-forward to the Crucifixion - Jesus dies on the cross and many of his disciples think that the story has now finished. However, 'in the end' God has the final say and Jesus is raised from the dead! This is the God we worship at Christmas time. A God who works things out 'in the end!' Believe that he has our best interests at heart. He loves us and he will work out his purposes.
Be Blessed this Christmas.
Living in Grace,

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