Sunday, 28 December 2008

Afterglow or Hang-over?

So Christmas has come and gone. All that build up and stress has now given way to a few brief moments of rest and family time. If I am honest, I am enjoying living in the 'afterglow' of Christmas. For me, it seems as in the few days after Christmas I have felt closer to God that the weeks before the 25th. I know that this sounds weird, but it could have lots to do with the preparation of many Christmas services. In ministry, our role is guide people to a place of being ready for the 'moment' of Christ's birth and to feel the effect of it on our lives. In doing so, people in ministry often miss out on the own encounter with the Messiah - sad, but true! Thankfully, Jesus is not only accessible up to the 25 December, but that we can bask in His Peace and Spirit, 365 days in the year. That is what I intend to do this week. By the way, there are many people that feel quite 'hung-over' after Christmas -this is in more ways than one. Prof. E.Ernst from the University of Exeter says that when you are hung-over you body tells you 'I have had enough; don't abuse me anymore!' Wow, that's a interesting comment. Many non-drinking Christians feel 'hung-over' after Christmas for the very reason of pushing their bodies to the limit - all in the name preparing for the 25th. So here is the question - are you living in the afterglow of Christmas or are you feeling 'hung-over?'
Ask God to speak to you, no matter how you are feeling.
Live in His grace,

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