Thursday, 1 January 2009


A Blessed New Year to you all. So we wake this morning realising that we now need to write 2009 on our letters/cheques/journals etc. As of today we have 365 days to make 2009 a special year - to make a difference in our world and to Live Life to the Full! How are you feeling about that? For me, I am choosing to embrace this gift God has given me. I want to allow Christ to lead me into the unknown chapters of another year. I am convinced there will be obstacles and challenges to face, but I am also certain that I will not have to battle these things alone. May this year also be a year of Grace for you. Live in Christ's amazing grace, trust in His goodness and be willing to Risk great things for God.
Shalom to you, my friend.
Living in Grace, D3LM3

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