Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Exercise Time...

Along with millions of other people I have started my new exercise regime - have to admit that i am feeling better for it already. This morning I didn't really want to get out of bed, but in the end I managed to persuade my body to get a move on! There is an old saying that speaks about 'mind over mattress' when it comes to getting up early to exercise. For me, it is more 'mind over mood!' If I wake up feeling shattered & grumpy then there is little chance I feel like getting onto the bike and going for a ride. In the end, when I have managed to win the battle of 'mind over mood' i feel great and ready for the day. Speaking about exercise, I pray that many of us will also try and exercise in our spiritual lives this year. If a small amount of physical exercise can make us feel good, then surely even a small dose of Spiritual training can make the world of difference. So how about it? What Spiritual exercises should we start this year? Reading through the Bible this year? Reading through a good devotional book? Journalling regularly? Praying? Ask God to lead us in this process - He would love to spend the time with us.
Have a blessed day and happy exercising!
Living in Grace,

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