Monday, 24 November 2008

True Colours

So are you willing to nail your colours to the Mast? In times of war, ships would lower their flags if they were willing to submit to their enemies. If they weren't willing to surrender, many of them 'nailed their countries flag' to their masts, declaring that their allegiance belonged to their Country. In other words, in the face of death, they showed their true colours by remaining loyal to their nation. How well do we do this, when it comes to taking a stand for Jesus? In the face of trouble, persecution, danger or ridicule, are we ready to 'Nail our colours to the Mast' and stand for the Lord. I want to show my 'true colours' for Jesus. I don't want to be a 'white-washed tomb' (Matthew 23:27), as Jesus puts it - someone who pretends to be spiritual and holy, but who is sadly not loyal to the King. Will you join me in revealing your true colours. Let's live in Grace.

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