Tuesday, 20 March 2018

15 - Value of Lent

I know that we are moving into the tail end of LENT, but I wanted to share with you an article I wrote on the Value of Lent. This was written a few weeks ago for the Scripture Union online magazine. If you are interested in reading about why I find LENT a valuable time then please click onto this link and enjoy the read. It is a short article, so please give it a try :)

For those who can't follow the link, here is the thought from Psalm 15 for you:

"God, who gets invited
    to dinner at your place?
How do we get on your guest list?

“Walk straight, act right, tell the truth.
3-4 “Don’t hurt your friend,
    don’t blame your neighbour;
        despise the despicable.
“Keep your word even when it costs you,
    make an honest living, never take a bribe.
“You’ll never get blacklisted
if you live like this.” (Eugene Peterson from the Message)

Living in Grace

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