Wednesday, 14 March 2018

20 - Shedding Light

Have you ever turned on the light in a room and suddenly seen the insects scatter? It is quite a thing for those people who are petrified of creepy-crawlies. These insects are comfortable in the dark, but they hate the light. When Solomon reflects in two verses in Chapter 20 (of Proverbs), he reminds us that the light will shine on us whether we like it or not.

"The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord
    that sheds light on one’s inmost being.

28 Love and faithfulness keep a king safe;
    through love his throne is made secure." - Proverbs 20:27-28

The phrase 'the human spirit' can also refer to "a person's words", which changes the mean to remind us that our very words shed light on what is going on inside our hearts - this is always a challenging thing to remember.

"God is in charge of human life,
    watching and examining us inside and out.
28 Love and truth form a good leader;
    sound leadership is founded on loving integrity." (Message)

Living in Grace

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