Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Love came down at Christmas

"Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, Love Divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Star and angels gave the sign.

Worship we the Godhead,
Love incarnate, Love Divine;
Worship we our Jesus;
But wherewith for sacred sign?

Love shall be our token,
Love be yours and love be mine,
Love to God and all the world,
Love for plea and gift and sign."

Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894) penned numerous poems in her lifetime. This particular poem, written in 1885, has been put to music by many musicians over the years, including John Rutter and more recently by Christian rock-band, Jars of Clay (in 2007). 

Although this carol is not as popular as many other Christmas hymns, the words are profound in their simplicity. I love the idea of referring to the Incarnation as 'Love coming down.' What better way to describe the act of God, choosing to come to earth in the form of a child? Divine love conjures up the miraculous in order to break through into our brokenness.

I am challenged by the line "Love shall be our token" as this is the call for all Christians to heed. Love is the token of currency we should be using and it is the sure sign of being changed by the Divine Love of Jesus.

John 1:14 (The Message) - 
"The Word became flesh and blood,
    and moved into the neighborhood.
We saw the glory with our own eyes,
    the one-of-a-kind glory,
    like Father, like Son,
Generous inside and out,
    true from start to finish."

Living in Grace

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