Monday, 1 June 2009


Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday and many of us heard again how God poured His Spirit upon the disciples (Acts 2)- I guess it is a major understatement to say that 'they were never the same again!'
In fact, the world has not been the same since and we are again the beneficiaries of God's foresight and grace. I chose to focus on the Greek word 'Paraclete' in the sermon yesterday (as did Mike in the evening) and it was good to remind myself of the character of our God. He is our comforter, our counsellor, our advocate and 'the one who stands alongside us.' If this is not Good News for us, then we are hard to please.
What an awesome concept - The God of the Universe chooses to 'dwell in us' and at the same time to lead and guide us. If we have such incredible power at our disposal, why do we keep trying to go it alone? Why do we ignore our 'paraclete' and listen to the voices of those who don't always have our best interests at heart? The answer - I just don't know why? Maybe it's because we are stubborn or proud or just plain ignorant? Thankfully our Lord is patient with us.

Anyway, for me, Pentecost has been a timely reminder that the Holy Spirit can renew and restore my weary spirit and He can bring hope to my hopelessness. That is Power worth talking about.

May you rest in the presence of the 'Paraclete'.
May your hope be renewed.
May your weary soul be restored.

Living in the presence of His Spirit and Grace,

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