Friday, 29 May 2009

Reflections from Beans and Rice challenge

So today is Day 5 of our challenge to eat only beans, rice and pap - the staple diet of billions of people around the world. These are a few of my reflections from this experience:

1. I eat far too much! Only eating 3 basic meals a day is enough to survive on. Snacking on things is a habit that is stimulated through our ability to 'buy' things. In other words, if I had to account for every cent I spend, I would have to cut out these luxuries.

2. My body can adjust to changes in diet very easy actually - it is just my mind and willpower that battle it out. Admittedly, I don't really want to eat samp and beans again for a long time, but my palete got used to it after a while.

3. Although I have not really felt the hunger pangs anymore, there is a sense in which I feel my concerntration and ability to work effectively has been impacted. It makes me think about how many poor kids go to school with no food and then are expected to study - it is impossible to expect long-term results from this lifestyle.

4. This challenge has opened my spirit up to feel more empathy towards people. It has even challenged my generosity levels.

5. The experience as got me thinking about this 'Recession' we have headed into as a country. What can the Church do to speak into this situation?

6. I understand more why Jesus had a heart for the poor and marginalised.

7. I have learnt to appreciate everything more. I am more conscious of all that I am blessed with and the awesome responsibility I have to use these 'treasures' wisely.

As Gary Haugen said: "In this world of need, why have I been blessed with so much?"

8. Jesus said: "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10) What does that mean for the billions of people who are struggling to survive on meagre resources? Our Spirituality helps us to transcend this world and to look to our heavenly Father to provide our EVERY need.

9. Lack of food doesn't have to make me grumpy! It's my choice.

10. Matthew 6:33 - 34

May you be blessed today. May the abundant Grace and mercy of Jesus be your 'soul food.'

Living in Grace,

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