Saturday, 9 May 2009


Bill Hybels speaks about Contagious Christianity - how we should seek to spead the gospel where-ever and when-ever we can. I will be unpacking this a little in the service tomorrow night - but here is a prelude.... What has struck me, is how many Christians put themselves in self-appointed confinement. We spend most of our time hanging around Christians and don't put ourselves 'near enough' to the very people who need to be 'infected' with the Good News. Yes, we need to build one another up with the fellowship of Christians, but how will the rest of the world know that there is any good news out there, unless we actually enter into their space. I am not talking about setting up camp in the 'enemies' territory, but embarking upon a little visit to spread Christ's message of Hope, Forgiveness and Grace. Think about how you first came to know the Lord - many of us were far away from the 'Church' before we were invited to experience the transforming power of Jesus. Let us reach out to our friends and family. Their eternity depends on it.
Live from your experience of Grace.

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