Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Has anyone seen my PEACE?

We all know that life sometimes gets the better of us and we end up feeling a bit frazzled. It doesn't matter how much planning we do, we eventually end up on the 'hamsters wheel' - same stress, same workload, same people, same old - same old! Today I read this verse from Psalm 34:14 - "Seek Peace and Pursue it." This really struck me as being odd. I have always only seen 'peace' as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and one that I need to ask the Lord to bless me with. However, the Psalmists take on 'Peace' seems to suggest that it can be elusive and that we need to chase after it. Perhaps it is more a sense of pursuing opportunities to allow God to fill us with His Peace. This I can agree with. If we aren't intentional in our 'pursuit' of time with the Father, how can we know His peace?
May you pursue his Peace and may He Surprise you with it.
Living in my Father's world of Grace,

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