Friday, 8 May 2009

Did you do this for me?

A few weeks ago we were up at sunrise at a beach near Coffee Bay (it was only because the kids woke us up early!) Anyway, after spending a few moments on the beach we soon got to see this awesome sunrise. God always speaks to me in moments like these. His promises seem to be so real and true. The reality was that in that pre-dawn haze, he made the sun rise for us (and you of course)- he wanted to communicate to me and he did it without even saying one single word. All I needed was to see the sun rising over the ocean and I knew that he had whispered to me..."Delme, I love you!" I was lost for words. God why do you shower me with so much grace, when all I actually deserve is rebuke! You amaze me, Jesus.
Living in Grace,

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