Monday, 11 May 2009

He Walks!

Well it has been a long time coming, but this weekend my little boy walked properly for the first time. He has been taking the odd step here and there, but this weekend was the first time he walked anywhere with purpose. We are so chuffed!
I know that some of you are yawning at my joy, but every parent sees these milestones as brilliant. Josh is not the first child to ever walk (and he certainly has taken his time to get going) and it is not as if he has just walked on water, but he is our son and there will only ever be one 'first time' for this milestone. When he is 13, 21, 30 and 50, I will not be blogging the world telling everyone that 'my son walked today!'We will all take this for granted. So yes, I am a proud dad today!
But even as I reflect on this, isn't it awesome to think that God looks at you and I in a similar way - he is proud of us - we are his kids. Sure there are many times when we disappoint him, but God 'cheers' in delight when we get some things right. He sees that we are learning and growing, that we are progressing in our journey of faith. Just as Josh is not going to be putting on his takkies and running the Comrades Marathon tomorrow, so I need plenty more 'spiritual direction and practise' before I tackle some other tasks. But on this day - I want to feel the smile of my heavenly dad - I want to hear the applause of my heavenly father as I stride forward in wobbly faith.
"I press on towards the goal, to win the prize..."
May you do the same.
Blessed by Grace,

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Rambler said...

Great post - seeing God in what seems so simple is actually breath-taking for some who don't know a God who roots for us... definitely going to send some people here to your blog mister D...