Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Beans and Rice Challenge

In response to our month of Mission, some of the folk from Wesley are taking up the beans, rice and pap challenge. For 5 days we are trying to eat the 'staple' food of over half the world's population. Today is day 2 and it has already got me thinking differently. There are many times when I go to the kitchen cupboard or even the fridge, open it up and choose what I want to eat. Sometimes I am guilty of even complaining that 'there is nothing to eat', when there is plenty to eat! Besides, even if my fridge was running low on stock, I know that I could stop in at one of the shops and buy whatever I feel like. However, 3-4 Billion people will only eat some rice, beans or pap, today. They have no choice - that's all they can afford. That is a real challenge, isn't it?
As you go about your daily work or ministry, try and stop for a few seconds and recognise the poor in our midst. It is only when we become aware of the poor, that we will be moved to respond.
God's grace shines on everyone - rich and poor alike. That seems unfair at times, but thank you Jesus for you amazing Grace.


Tyron Bache said...

this is where empathy comes into play, keep it up D bomb, bring on the beans

Quin said...

Last night was tough, after a long days work, too come home to something that possibly wasnt what my pallette was used to..but after eating i felt full and satisfied..
It was most probably healthier than any meal I had enjoyed over the wkend..looking forward to tonights meal..=)
Rock n Roll man