Friday, 12 June 2009

3 Things

Apparently F.R.Malty used to say that Jesus had promised his Disciples just three things in life - "that they would be absurdly happy, completely fearless, and in constant trouble." I love that quote - it somehow speaks of the risky adventure of being a 'Christ-follower.'
However, as I look at the 3 things that Jesus may have promised His disciples, I am not sure which one of those I feel I have today.
Absurdly Happy? Well, more at peace, to be honest - just a general sense of God is in control.
Completely Fearless? Not 100% of the time - fears raise their heads at various times, but I know that God has given me the victory - just need to let this knowledge become part of my daily existence.
Constant Trouble? Can't say yes to that. Sure, I sometimes irritate congregation members with a few new ideas, but can't say I have been in trouble lately.
So where does that leave me today? Mmmmmh - think I will pursue 'completely fearless' and see what Surprises God has in store for me.

Live out of His eternal resevoir of Grace,

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David Barbour said...

The getting into trouble part is great to start with and then you need extreme courage to cope with the stress of it!