Thursday, 11 June 2009

A different view on things...

In reading a William Barclay commentary on Ephesians I came across these words - "To suffer for Christ is NOT a penalty; it is our glory, for it is to share in the sufferings of Christ himself and an opportunity to demonstrate the reality of our loyalty to him."
Wow, these are indeed challenging thoughts for us. It seems as if these words were written for another time and place, yet they can be relevant for us now. It is not as if suffering doesn't happen in our modern times, it is more that we have brought into the false notion that somehow suffering would bypass us. I am not entirely sure where this thinking comes from, but modern Christians (and especially us in the Western-type Church)need to re-assess what it means to 'pick up our crosses and to follow Jesus.'
Apparently when some of King Arthurs knights used to come to the Round Table, they used to come asking for 'dangers to face and dragons to conquer.' As believers we will face many dangers and dragons - thankfully we have a God who has helped us to overcome and who has given us the Ultimate Victory.
May you have enough of the Spirit of God today to realise that you can conquer dragons. Jesus is with you.
Rest in His grace.

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