Tuesday 23 June 2009

Grace upon Grace

I thank God for His awesome Word. This morning in my devotion the reading was from John 1:16 and to be honest I wasn't expecting too many surprises from the reading -what a mistake! This time it was from the King James version - "And of His fullness have all received, and grace for grace."

What is so powerful about that phrase 'grace for grace' is that it actually reads 'grace upon grace' in the Greek. So think about it like this - when you next order a toasted sandwich at a resturant, don't be disappointed when the waiter walks past you and brings me my double-deluxe club sandwich with every possible filling inside!
Yes, God's wants to bless us so abundantly with His grace, that He is not satisfied in giving us a tiny sandwich, with a thin slice of cheese on. No way - we get the bread and fillings (GRACE) stacked up so high that our mouths can't even bite into the sandwich - Now that is something worth salivating over, isn't it!

Whatever you are facing today, may you know that our God has already stacked the sandwich of His grace so High that we couldn't consume it all - even if we tried.

May you be blessed with His 'GRACE UPON GRACE.'

Grace upon