Friday, 19 June 2009

One in 4!!??

I have been driving around Mariztburg a bit today and every time I pass by a particular news headline, I cringe. According to 'The Witness' headline, 1 in 4 males in our nation admits to raping someone. What the hell is up with that? One in Four - if that stat is true then we are in big trouble my friends. What kind of depraved people are we, that 25% of us (males) have to force ourselves onto other people just to satisfy our sexual desires (or should I say 'our lust?') Man are we a crazy specie or what?

Oh and by the way - close on 50% of the men admitted that they first raped someone when they were still in their teens. 10% raped before they were even 10 and 20% of the rapist also confirmed that they had HIV. Brilliant!!! So, their sin (the rapists) will be passed onto the next generation with ease, as not only will these men likely rape again, but their 'victims' could also perpetuate the cycle. Lord, we are in a mess - deliver us from evil!

I wonder what God thinks of all of this? Surely God is 'gutted' by these acts of selfishness and injustice. As I was saying yesterday, Jesus must be moved to his 'gut' when he sees this type of stuff going on. How can God still choose to love humanity when we are so messed up. It is hard to get my head around this sometimes.

I guess that's where Grace comes into play. But Grace without a price is 'Cheap Grace' and Jesus didn't die on a Hollywood Cross, with nice soft music playing in the background. Our sin condemned him to a gory death, yet we walk away with Grace...Lord, you are unfathomable and merciful. I don't understand your ways.

But by the Grace of God...

P.S. Check out the article for yourself -[_id]=24237

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