Thursday 18 June 2009

Feel it in your Gut!

We went to a Pastors Fraternal breakfast this morning and my friend George Scriba reminded us of Matthew 9:36 - "When he saw the crowds he was moved with compassion to the depths of his being..." The word in the original language (slagchnistheis)actually speaks about the 'gut' or 'intestine'. So, here we have Jesus moved from his gut because of what he saw. To use our modern language, 'when he was with the people he was gutted by what he saw!'

Why was he so broken by the things he saw in the people? Well, the verse carries on to tell us why - "...for they were bewildered and dejected, like sheep who have no shepherd." I think he was heart-broken because he saw so much potential in these people, but they had lost all sense of hope and meaning in their lives and to be honest, no one else seemed to give a damn!

Nothing has changed has it - there are still people broken and bewildered by life. There are still people in our churches, communities, families and friend-circles who are dejected. Looking around, there are a handful of people who give a damn, but on the whole, they are few and far between.

But, then again do I actually care? I can't point a finger at others if I am not willing to ask myself the same questions. Am I 'gutted' by what I see around me? Or have I just seen too much and now my skin has grown thick and my spirit become blaise. Have I lost the notion that with God's help we can make a difference? Have I forgotten that my God does miracles in His sleep (if He ever sleeps)?

Thanks Lord for the reminder of your compassion for me and my community. Teach me to be 'gutted' in a Holy way! Let me be a vessel that pours out your grace upon others.

Grace - Lived out of God's Gut!

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