Friday, 15 March 2019

Testing my motives - Lent reflection

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Reflecting on this passage from Ezekiel 9, Max Lucado writes:

“Idols come in attractive packages today. You can identify them when they keep you from worship, consume your tithe, or become what you are most proud of.”

I feel that these words summarise the overall attitude of the Israelites before God allowed them to be taken into exile. They had become proud, arrogant and self-reliant. They felt they didn’t need God anymore and so this ultimately became their idol. Idolatry is not always linked in with a statue of a pseudo god, but it can be as discreet as ‘worshipping oneself.’

Ezekiel’s vision continues to jar at our senses, but we must remember that there are images that God gave to him, so that he could communicate a message to the people. I feel we shouldn’t get to bogged down on the definitive meaning of each one, as it can be a little confusing. However, we need to take note of the overriding message that comes through – God is heart-broken that we have turned our backs on Him and he is going to respond as a jilted lover – with anger. 

“Oh, Lord God! Will you destroy everyone left alive in Israel when you turn loose your anger on Jerusalem?” – Ezekiel 9:8

Prayer: Lord, help me to test my motives so that I may walk in your ways. 

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