Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A New Proverb - Ezekiel 12

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Wise sayings and proverbs have helped people, for many centuries, understand all different aspects of life. They teach us how to love, to discern, to speak and to act. Sometimes these sayings are so old that we wonder if they are still true and relevant for our time.

This is what strikes me about Ezekiel 12 today - the relevancy of the old sayings. There had been a popular proverb, in circulation for generations, that went like this:
"Time passes, making a liar of every prophet" (v.22). 

Basically it implied that words and predictions of Prophets never came true - certainly not in a short space of time. Jeremiah was instructed by the Lord to change this proverb and to give the Israelites a new proverb to reflect on. It goes like this:

"The time has come for every prophecy to be fulfilled." (v.23)
And this is exactly what happened. The strange actions that God asked Jeremiah to enact (read Ezekiel 12:1-20), concerning the future and especially King Zedekiah, came true barely 6 years later. Sure, six years may seem like a long time to wait, but it shows us that God's word prevails and we should we careful to doubt it.

Jesus is the fulfilment of the promised Messiah - he was a long time in coming to the world, but He came!If you are waiting on a promise from the Lord, please don't lose hope and patience. God will follow through on his word.

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