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A lioness and her cubs

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Can there be a more powerful illustration than a protective lioness looking after her two cubs? It certainly got my attention as I started reading chapter 19 of Ezekiel's book.

“What is your mother?
    A lioness among lions!
She lay down among the young lions
    and reared her cubs.

He was a master at using word pictures and illustrations to get people to listen to his words. As I read these words, I was thinking of a lioness walking through the veld, followed closely by her young cubs - the image is firmly rooted in my mind!

The sad reality is that the 2 cubs in Ezekiel's vision represent 2 of Judah's kings - more than likely Jehoahaz and Zedekiah. The lioness is symbolic of the nation of Judah - the caring mother (v.2).

Interestingly, his illustration changes completely in v.10, where suddenly Ezekiel no long pictures Judah as a lioness, but rather as a vine that will be uprooted by the enemy. Everything will be lost and so the funeral song must be sung.

Using this chapter in our Lenten journey is important for us as Christians, because it reminds us of the death of Christ. Everything seemed lost on Good Friday - all hope was gone and Jesus was dead. However, this is not where God wanted to story to stop. It moves through the pain of the Cross, to the silence of death and then, ultimately, to the celebration of the Resurrection.

Thought: Don't skip past the 'funeral' songs in Ezekiel, nor the trials in your life. As Christ-followers, we REMEMBER that our story doesn't end here - there is always another chapter to be unveiled.

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