Thursday, 29 October 2009

How can this be?

I was appalled by the news today. A young mother in our home town (Pietermaritzburg) killed her two children, a daughter (6) and a son (4) with a knife and an axe!
What was her reason for this brutal act?
Her answer ... to protect her boyfriend who had raped the young girl.
What on earth is this all about - how depraved are we as a species that this should take place? Is it really true that a mother would kill her own 'flesh and blood' to save a man from being exposed as a rapist? Have we somehow reverted back to sadistic behaviour, where people sacrifice their kids to 'idols and gods?'
I am horrified - I am angry - I am deeply saddened!

Oh, yes and then on the same News bulletin there was Trevor Manuel sheepishly admitting he make an 'error of judgement' in buying a R1.2 million car. This was his way of saying 'sorry' - well, almost! But will he hand the car back and get a less expensive car? His answer is a blatant 'NO way!'

It is one thing to say sorry for something, but it is another to make right the wrongs we have done. Repentance, is not only saying 'I made a mistake', it is asking for forgiveness and then making an about turn! Repenting from my sins is about choosing not to make the same mistakes. Grace forgives my sin, but I cheapen this grace, if I carry on living in the same cycle of sin.

Mr Manuel, you are cheapening Grace, my friend! But, may I be vigilant that I do not also cheapen Grace! The path is narrow...

Grace is a complex gift,

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