Thursday, 8 October 2009

Something worth singing about!

Have you heard the phrase "Now that is something worth singing about?" I can't manage to find out who coined this phrase, but we use it in all kinds of contexts. In most of these situations, it is when we have been moved or excited by something we have experienced.

For example, people may say 'that is something worth singing about' when:
1. They get offered the job
2. They fall in love
3. They have a child
4. They are blessed by a surprise
5. They discover something amazing
6. Their rugby/soccer/cricket team wins
7. They see an awesome sunset

When we get to fully understand how much God loves us, I hope that many of us say, "That is something worth singing about!"

Ephesians 1:7-8 “He is so rich in kindness that he purchased our freedom through the blood of his Son, and our sins are forgiven.”

David and the Psalmists wrote some of their 'songs' because they had discovered something worth singing about. Moses and Miriam wrote their song (Exodus 15) because God had saved them. Charles Wesley, Fanny Crosby and Chris Tomlin have written thousands of songs - all out of a response to God's grace.

Do you have something worth singing about? If yes, then follow James' advice - "Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise." (James 5:13)

Living in Grace

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