Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's better when we are together

The famous lines from the Jack Johnson song go like this...
"It's better when we are together!"

I see this as a mantra for my relationship with God. When my days get so hectic and I don't spend time with Christ, I feel that my days are not as 'good' as they could be. I am often more stressed, critical, impatient and unloving - the fruits of the Spirit don't seem to be as evident in my life as they could be.

A life spent in communion with Jesus takes lots of discipline and practise. There is no easy option, short-cut or microwave version of 'submitting our LIVES' to Christ. The secret lies in the 'long view' and realising that we need to try and cultivate our relationship on a daily basis.

I am sometimes asked how I spend my 'devotional' times and whilst I am not perfect in this arena, here are a few tips. If they help you, then please use them.

1. Space - I am a person who needs quiet for my devotions. This is not for everyone, but I like to lock myself away from the noise of the world. I find that I am more receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. For some of us, driving in the car listening to a Christian CD creates this 'space.'

2. Scripture - sounds obvious, but sometimes we can read so many other things that speak 'about' God, that we forget to read what the 'Word of God' says. I usually have my devotional guide with me - this has the scripture, a few comments and a short prayer. This is helpful to start off my time with God. Find something that works for you and if you need help, just shout!

3. Journal - I keep a journal, where I write down the scriptures that I read and if I feel God prompting me with something. To be honest, I have never ever heard God speak to me in an audible voice, but I have strongly felt His guidance and promptings through these devotional times.

4. Prayer - This is normally the hardest part for me, as I am a 'pray as you go' kind of person. I discipline myself to sit for a few moments, in order to allow God to whisper to me. I sometimes write my prayers down, as this allows God a chance to respond. I am good at giving God my 'story', but I am still learning to listen to His voice.

5. Do - if I have felt led to do something in the devotion, I make it a priority to do it soon.

I hope that this is helpful for some of you. I know that many of you are already further down the road than I am, but may we all be inspired to nurture 'quality time' with Christ. I think we need to be less stressed about how we do it and rather just plunge into it and commit to the process.

Growing in Grace,


Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

"When my days get so hectic and I don't spend time with Christ" ... hey dude: Christ is always with you! But sometimes we are not conscious to the presence of God - and so I too need the devotional practice you outline.

Delme Linscott said...

Pete, you are right. Such bad theology on my behalf. I apologise. But then again I had you as my mentor and teacher for Phase 1 - what can I say...

May we all be more conscious of Christ with us!