Monday, 29 June 2020

Blue Monday

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Blue Monday is a term that is used for the 3rd Monday of January, which is considered to be the saddest day of the year. It originates from the idea that in the Northern Hemisphere, this is usually a cold time of the year, people are sad because of returning to work, breaking New Year's Resolutions and just generally feeling depressed.

Today is not anywhere near the middle of January, but it feels a little "blah" to me. It is cold outside, with a little drizzle and there seems to be no end in sight with the Covid-19 story. It is easy on days like today to feel down and demotivated, but one has to ride through the troubled days to get to better days.

Let us not lose the Hope we have in Jesus Christ. For God, we can turn to him anyday of the week and know that he is willing to be with us.

Here are some beautiful words from Psalm 142 that may offer hope to those who are feeling a little down. God bless you.

“As I sink in despair, my spirit ebbing away, you know how I’m feeling, Know the danger I’m in, the traps hidden in my path. Look right, look left— there’s not a soul who cares what happens! I’m up against it, with no exit— bereft, left alone. I cry out, God, call out: ‘You’re my last chance, my only hope for life!’ Oh listen, please listen; I’ve never been this low. Rescue me from those who are hunting me down; I’m no match for them. Get me out of this dungeon so I can thank you in public. Your people will form a circle around me and you’ll bring me showers of blessing!” (The Message)

Living in Grace

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