Friday, 9 November 2018

Buffalo or Cow?

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In Rory Vaden's best selling book 'Take the Stairs' he shares a remarkable insight about the behaviour of a Buffalo and a Cow. Actually, to be more specific, it has to do with the way each animal faces an impending storm - they respond in two completely opposite ways.

When a storm approaches, Cows respond in a fairly predictable way - they try to outrun the storm! However, because Cows are not that fast, the storm catches up with them and they end up running with the storm for a longer period - in other words, they maximise their exposure to the hectic storm surrounding them.

On the other hand, the behaviour of the Buffalo is very different. They wait for the storm to arrive and then they charge directly into the heart of the storm. It may seem like a silly thing to do, but in the end, they minimise the time they spend in the raging storm and run through to the other side.

So, the big for us today is this: Which one are you? Buffalo or Cow?
My guess is that most of us are like the Cows, because we don't like storms, conflict or trouble to come our way. In a naive way we think that we can run away from the storm, but it will invariably catch up to us. The Buffalo's amongst us will testify to the pain of the storm, but also that by facing it head on, they were into the clear sooner than the rest of the Cows were.

Interesting don't you think?

Isaiah 4:5-6
Then the Lord will provide shade for Mount Zion
    and all who assemble there.
He will provide a canopy of cloud during the day
    and smoke and flaming fire at night,
    covering the glorious land.
It will be a shelter from daytime heat
    and a hiding place from storms and rain.

Living in Grace

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