Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Beauty for Brokeness

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"Beauty for Brokeness
Hope for Despair
Lord, in your suffering world
This is our prayer:
Bread for the children,
Justice, joy, peace;
Sunrise to sunset,
Your Kingdom Increase.

God of the Poor
Friend of the weak,
Give us Compassion we pray:
Melt our cold hearts,
Let tears fall like rain;
Come, change our love
From a spark to a flame." 

Graham Kendrick wrote this song  in 1993 for the 25th anniversary of the charity Tearfund. It was influenced by a visit that he had made to India in 1992 and Graham's perception of the contrast between Indian poverty and Western affluence. If you want to listen to the whole song click here.

God bless you.
Living in Grace

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