Friday, 17 December 2010

It's Raining again!

We took 3 days to go on a family camping trip and guess what ... It rained and rained! Yes, for most of our time away it rained so much that we thought we were going to need a boat (or Ark) to get home. It seems our 'holiday curse' has come back again - never go away when we are on leave - because it WILL rain!

Besides the rain, it was a great time away, just doing nothing and enjoying quality family time. Creating memories is important and we feel that we were able to do that. We won't forget these 3 days for a long time. I guess a cold and rainy holiday is as close to a 'white winter' Christmas as we will get this year:)

If you are travelling somewhere this festive season please travel safely. You should have perfect weather now, because we won't be going anyway for a while:)

God bless you.

Living in Grace,


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Phil Davies said...

Hi Delme

Remember that rain is a blessing from God. Look on the bright side, it would seem as if your holiday was blessed abundantly!