Tuesday, 13 October 2009


When last did you experience a Storm?
We had one in Pietermaritzburg last night and it was a BIG! We will have to wait until this morning to see the after effects of the storm. It wasn't of Tsunami or Hurricane proportions, but it was enough to make a lot of people fearful.

As I sat looking at the rain pouring down, outside my lounge window, I wondered about the millions of people that had to endure the storm with no adequate shelter. Then I came back to Gary Haugen's haunting question:

"In this world of suffering, why have I been blessed with so much?"

Oh man, I wish I had never heard that question!

On a spiritual level, there are millions of people who still don't realise that Jesus can be their 'shelter' in the midst of their personal storms. So, we are faced with a double tragedy - people who have no physical shelter and people who refuse to allow God to be their personal shelter.

"God is our refuge and strength. An ever present help in trouble." - Psalm 46:1

Sheltered by Grace,

P.S. - Thanks for the photo to http://media.photobucket.com

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