Thursday, 9 December 2021

What would it mean for you to hear these words?

What would it mean for you to hear a messenger of God speak these words into your life?

·       “God has heard your prayer…” - Luke 1:13

       I am sure that these words would fill our hearts with great delight, just as they must have encouraged Zechariah and Daniel. We pour out our hearts to God with the deep hope that God will answer those prayers, but there are times when we feel a little despondent in the slowness of God's action. 

      Can you remember a time in your life when you prayed and prayed for something, only for there to be a period of complete silence? What motivated you to keep on trusting in God's goodness? Was there someone who encouraged you to keep believing? 

      I am sure that Zechariah may have been close to giving up, but he held onto his knowledge of God's goodness. in the end he must have been ecstatic to hear the whisper: "God has heard your prayer my friend!"

      Living in Grace


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