Sunday, 12 December 2021

Courageous Song

As I have been reading and reflecting on Mary's Magnificat (Luke 1:39-54) this week, I was stopped in my tracks by these thoughts from Rev. Carolyn Sharp. She says:

“Don’t envision Mary as the radiant woman peacefully composing the Magnificat. Instead see her as a girl who sings defiantly to her God through her tears, fists clenched against an unknown future. When we do this, Mary’s courageous song of praise [becomes] a radical resource for those seeking to honour the holy amid the suffering and conflicts of real life.”

I think that this is deeply profound. 

Singing and praising God, when we are going through good times is easy, but offering God worship and thanks, when we are confused, stressed and worried, is a true test of courage. 

How often do we trust Jesus when we are faced with the gathering of the storm clouds?

“Pray, and let God worry.” - Martin Luther

Living in Grace


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