Wednesday, 17 March 2021

The plot against Jesus

Lent is a progression leading from the teachings and miracles of Jesus, through the animosity of the religious leaders and their plots to kill him, to the events immediately preceding the crucifixion. The culmination is, of course, the triumph of Jesus over death which changed the whole world!

I enjoy reading the Gospel of John. The first part gives valuable insight into the life of the Lord, his ministry and the teachings about God which he revealed to the Israelites at that time. But getting nearer to the Passover and his death, it shows how dramatic the plots were against him; his radical statements; the claims he made of being God’s son; the risks he and the disciples took ...

Reading this, I am amazed by the sub-plot behind the story. It is interesting to see how early in the ministry of Jesus the plots to get rid of him were discussed by the religious leaders. He was hated! Real cloak and dagger stuff in some places!

As we follow these events, we progress towards the tragic, violent death of Jesus, which must have shaken his followers to the core! Their lives must have been in danger. Their hopes of Jesus being the longed-for Messiah of Israel must have been shattered. Their future must have been in fragments! They must have questioned what had happened in the past 3 years as they followed Jesus… just think of Thomas!

However, miraculously, all this is dramatically followed by Jesus’ mind-blowing resurrection and then his ascension! Glory be to God for a most unexpected turn of events which altered the course of believers for the rest of time.

What an incredible event we consider each year at Easter! Praise God!


I am thankful to Joan Moore for her wonderful devotion today and for her insightful thoughts on our journey towards the Cross.

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